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    Modern Manufacturing has been in business since 1946. Our business is to specialize in manufacturing high quality parts to serve our customers. Modern Manufacturing is the parent company to both M & S Manufacturing and Modern Detention Equipment.

    M&S Machine and Manufacturing is a leader of high precision machined and fabricated parts. Our concept is derived from 70 years of machining and fabricating experience which has enabled us to offer parts that satisfy the highest requirements. M&S believes in new technology with old world craftsmanship. The commitment of our experienced staff to do the job; right the first time and every time, makes our quality and on time delivery second to none.
    Modern Detention Equipment presents the most modern concept of Detention Equipment Furnishings available. Implementation of our design concepts permit us to present furnishings which are a departure for the stereotype design of yesteryear. This departure presents furnishings which offer an appearance of compatibility with the design of today’s modern detention facilities without sacrificing security or safety.

    Our design consultant and engineers are available to you, without obligation, to discuss your requirements relative to planning new facilities or the updating and modernization of your present facility.

    240 Stille Drive
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
    (513) 251-3600
    Fax (513) 251-9644